The delicate art of Boon Rawd Tea production begins in Chiang Rai, the Northern part of Thailand. This is where cool and hazy breeze consistently blows through Boon Rawd Farm’s valley all year round, making it one of the perfect locations for tea plantation.

Using Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, originating from Taiwan, the tea is grown from the fertile land of the farm and fed using water from the surrounding mountains and also the morning mists of Chiang Rai. Every morning, top young leaves are carefully handpicked to ensure the quality of our tea. Grown, processed and packed on the farm, ensures that the consumers receives the freshest and best tea possible.

Boon Rawd Tea comes in a round and tight greenish bead that locks within it a combination of distinctive taste and fragrant scent. Once brewed, the tea bead will slowly release a gold-like color with a touch of light floral aroma, which is certain to arouse the senses of pure pleasure and relaxation.

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All teas are individually packed in pyramid sachets to bring out their flavour without the paper bag taste. They are then individually sealed for freshness.


Original Oolong

Boon Rawd Farm’s very own Oolong tea is truly unique in its pleasantly sweet aroma and subtly smooth taste. For tea lovers 

English Breakfast

This is a full-bodied drink that comes in ‘coppery’ color with a gentle awakening to a fresh new day. As the name suggests, this tea is meant for an exhilarating start in the morning. With a touch of lemon, it’s great for any time of day.

Green Tea

Green Tea Oolong offers a delightfully great taste derived from non-fermented process. The result is a healthy blend of high quality tea suitable for any occasion. It simply fills a simple day with simple joy. 

Jasmine Oolong

Jasmine is the flower known for its inspiritingly sweet fragrance. When combined with Oolong tea, it yields a fascinating effect of an aromatic bouquet of flowers in a teapot. It’s great for an invigorating teatime.

Peppermint Green Tea

Our premium grade Peppermint Green Tea is especially concocted to charm both tea and mint lovers. It’s a combination of flavors that appeals to many tea drinkers with its soothingly uplifting scent and refreshing cool taste

Rose Oolong

 Let’s fall in love with our very special Oolong blend that comes with a scent of winter roses. Just as the presence of a rose can revitalize any mood, it’s fragrance helps reenergize our mind and body.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey has long become one of the most popular teas in the West and many parts of the world. Boon Rawd Farm’s Earl Grey is skillfully refined, golden in color and richly aromatic. It’s a blend fit for an intimate gathering any time 

Barley Oolong

Barley Oolong tea is Boon Rawd Farm’s signature tea with a mix of barley grain and Oolong tea rightly proportioned and gently blended to achieve mild flavor and soothing taste. This special creation is excellent for a tranquil wind-down.   

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