La San Marco 100E

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Series 100 adapts a thermosiphonic circulation system with pre-infusion and flow variator. The flow variator adjusts directly from outside the machine body, giving the possibility to modify the brewing temperature in every group with relation to the used coffee blend without changing the temperature in the boiler and therefore the capacity to produce hot water and steam.


  • 6 programmable coffee doses for per group
  • Lighting bar indicating coffee brewing
  • 2 programmable water doses
  • Mixer regulating water temperature
  • Single group termperature setting by flow variator
  • Electronic autofill
  • Double protected working base
  • Built-in motor pump


Dimensions (WxHxD mm)                  735 x 515 x 570

Weight                                                      60 kg

Power supply (volt/watt)                      230/3500-4500 or 400/3500-4500

Water connections                                 Firm

Boiler capacity                                        12 Liters

Steam / hot water wands                     2 / 1



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La San Marco Series 100 User Manual

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